Monthly archives:December 2011

  • Screaming Orgasm

  • Sometimes, a drink is worth a try just because of the name. Who wouldn't want to try something called Screaming Orgasm anyways? This drink is pure liquor and everyone I have seen try it, loves it. Oh, and I like it. Hence why it is this week's Drink of the Week. Recipe 1oz Vodka 1.5oz Bailey's Irish Cream 0.5oz Kahlua Coffee Liqueur. Get a cocktail glass and fill it with crushed ice. Ad[...]
  • Rum Nog

  • It is nearly Christmas and what is THE Christmas drink whether it has alcohol or not? Egg Nog of course. But nonalcoholic just doesn't work for me. Nor should it for you. So, enjoy this excellent Christmasy Holiday Drink. Oh by the way, this is just to make one glass. Want more? Multiply the recipe. Recipe 1 Large Egg 2 tsp Sugar 1 oz Heavy Cream 1/2 tsp Almond Extract 1/2 tsp Vanilla E[...]
  • Hot Buttered Rum

  • Well, it is December and the temperatures have been a bit on the chilly side. Still a fairly warm WI winter but cold nonetheless. As such, I felt the the Drink of the Week should be a more wintery drink. Hell, next weeks might just that as well. Who know... Anyways, some of the Winter drinks tend to get a little complex. So, I sought to make this weeks super easy to make. Frankly, it doesn't ge[...]
  • Campfire Shot

  • So there was this time where I went to a buddy's house because the ultimate goal was to bar hop. But, it the natural fashion we did a little pregaming. We had various shots but the one that stuck in my head the most was the Campfire Shot. Now, the flavor isn't so much what I remember but the theatrics. That isn't to say it tasted bad because if it had that would have probably been the thought th[...]