Monthly archives:February 2012

  • European Bar Fight

  • There comes a time when anyone who likes Jager tries to find a new way to use it. I am one of those people. Mainly, I love Jager and I think it can improve any concoction out there. Well, maybe not "every" concoction. This drink might just put a little more hair on your chest than you thought possible. Recipe Harp Lager 1 Shot  Jägermeister Pour your glass of Harp Lager but don't complet[...]
  • Tropical Jack

  • Sometimes, fruity drinks are considered less manly than other drinks. "They are women's drinks!" I tend to disagree. But alas, there is only one way to get those that have this mindset to agree, bridge the gap. How is this done? Combine the best of both worlds. This drink was actually suggested on our Facebook Fan Page by Adam! Nonetheless, it is rock solid. FYI, you should be liking our Facebo[...]