Monthly archives:March 2012

  • Brown and Tan

  • Well, it is St. Patrick's Day! And as such, we felt obliged to post up a drink of the week recipe. There are numerous St. Patty's Day drinks. So we went after one that isn't often seen. We could be wrong on this but we have not seen a Brown and Tan ordered or anyone really drinking it. It is usually the Irish Car Bomb or something with Jameson. So, here is the recipe for the brown and tan. Re[...]
  • The Billboard Dilemma

  • You know billboards right? Those huge things that are often placed near a highway so the passerby can look, read, think, and maybe even persuade to buy. They are advertisements! Anyways, they can be awesome. Hilarious even. Just check out the image I have included with this post. Awesome? Yes. Hilarious? Yes. However, those of us who live in Wisconsin seem to be living in a world where drin[...]