Monthly archives:May 2013

  • The Battle of the Bathrooms

  • The Battle of the Bathrooms? What the hell am I going on about? Well, its the case of have access to a plethora of bathrooms versus having access to A bathroom. The choice should be obvious. Stay with the many bathrooms. Why? Well let us see. First, it is turning into a pretty good night of partying. Your with your friends. Catching up. Having a blast. Probably having a few to many. Everythi[...]
  • Delicious Alcoholic Root Beer - Sprecher Hard Root Beer

  • The best part of the party world is that there is always something new to be introduced to; people, dances, songs, drinks, and if you so dare drugs. New drinks are what I love to delve in. It could be the worst drink in the world but I am more then willing to try it. One of my most recent tempts at fate was trying a new "beer." Enter Sprecher Hard Root Beer. I consider regular Sprecher Root Bee[...]