Monthly archives:August 2013

  • Public Service Announcement: Tip Your Bartender

  • For all the dicks and bitches out there that decide to go to a bar and not tip the bartender, STAY HOME! Ya, there is no sugar coating this one. There is only one instance where you don't have to tip them, if they absolutely terribly suck. This is almost never the case. If you can't afford to tip the bartender, why are you at a bar? Why are you drinking? Why are you not home? Now, if you [...]
  • Drinking In or Going Out

  • Today I look at whether Drinking In or Going Out is the best choice. This is something I always end up thinking about as some friends would rather go the bar all the time, some would rather party it up at someone's house, and some just don't care. I probably follow in the latter but tend to lean towards drinking in lately. Going out can be a blast. Not only do you get to hang out with the coole[...]
  • Frowning on Public Nudity - I Just Don't Get It

  • Did you know that public nudity can result in you getting on the sex offender list? Ya, just think about it. All those times that you have gotten drunk and ended up naked in public. Any one of the times could have meant you are now a sex offender if you were caught and had the wrong people going against you on it. Straight up nudity if you think about it is a person in their purest form. No cl[...]