Angry Orchard Hard Cider

There comes a time where you might venture off from the many beers and hard liquors at your disposal to try something new. I am sure you have done it already. You may have tried some Mike’s Hard Lemonade or maybe a wine cooler or any number of things. It’s okay. If anyone thinks any less of you for doing it they are seriously deprived. However, if you do decide to expand out and try something new you might want to try Angry Orchard.

Angry Orchard is hard cider that continues to appear in more stores and more bars. This should be a sign. This should tell you that people like it and demand is growing for it.

There is good reason. Angry Orchard is just plain good stuff. Even better is that it is awesome to have one a hot summer day. There are also a variety. I have personally tried them all and love everyone one of them. Currently they have Crisp, Traditional, Ginger, and the Seasonal Elderflower.

Just recently I tried Elderflower and it was different. It is sweeter and has some heavy hints of tropical fruits. This one may not be for everyone but I love it.

The other three have a more traditional hard cider flavoring which Angry Orchard does well. My favorite of the other three currently is the Crisp. It is just the perfect summer drink. That being said, every time I buy a variety pack my favorite tends to change.

I have drank Woodchuck Ale in the past as well. This is another Hard Cider brand. Personally, I have grown to like Angry Orchard over Woodchuck Ale. I highly recommend that you try some Angry Orchard or better yet get a variety pack and sample all of their offerings. I promise you won’t be disappointed.


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