Ah, the Jägerbomb…

This has become an extremely popular drink and has paved the way for other “bombs” popularity. It is also ridiculously easy to make.

Be forewarned, those that have never tried this drink and drink a few of them in a single night tend to get a little messed up.


  • 1 Shot of Jägermeister
  • 1/2 Can of Redbull
Redbull was the original energy drink to be used for this but others are often substituted.
In most cases, the Jäger is put into a shot glass and the Redbull in a larger glass. When it is time to get your drink on, you drop the shot of Jäger into the glass of Redbull and chug.
There are now glasses made to keep these separate until you actually start drinking. The one that comes to mind is a plastic cup with a shot glass shaped cavern.
I love Jäger and drink plenty of Redbull the way it is so the drink just combines two great things for me.
BTW: Jäger has a black licorice like flavor that many seem to not like, just in case you never had it.

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