Root Beer Float

For this week’s Drink of the Week, it is going to be a blast from my past. This one is the first mixed drink that I got obliterated on. It really isn’t hard to either since this thing tastes delicious. It is the Root Beer Float. By the way, it tastes exactly like a root beer float.


  • 3/4 Tumbler of Root Beer
  • 3/4ish shot of Vanilla McGillicuddy’s
  • Shot topped off with Bailey’s Irish Cream
Get your tumbler ready with the root beer. Get your shot glass ready with the McGillicuddy’s and Bailey’s. Drop the shot glass into the tumbler. Chug.
To be honest, I don’t see this drink used nearly enough. Luckily, my buddy Adam introduced me to this or I would probably still be unaware. This is an absolute must try! Be forewarned, you can literally have one of these every 5 minutes because they are so good.

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