Absinthe Bar? Hell Yes!

Absinthe is one of those spirits that I don’t enough people have tried. Not everybody that tries it likes it. It has black licorice like flavor to it. Not a lot of people like that flavor though. But, I love it. But, not a lot of bars serve it. Actually, as far I knew there were no bars that served it.

However, today I stumbled upon a bar that is completely devoted to various absinthe drinks. Well it is actually apart of Club Anything, which could prove to be another good find. The place is called Elixir Absinthe Lounge.

Now, I haven’t actually been there…. yet. But, I really don’t care. The place seems awesome. They serve absinthe! They serve quite a few different absinthe drinks! They are devoted to absinthe!

If you have never tried absinthe or love it, you should probably check this place out. Never having tried isn’t worth buying a bottle of it and wasting it because you don’t like it. If you have tried it, well nothing beats drinking absinthe other absinthe connoisseurs.

If you want to check them out, either go to their website, http://www.elixirlounge.us/, or visit them at:

807 S 5th Street
Milwaukee, WI 53204

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