Drinking In or Going Out

Today I look at whether Drinking In or Going Out is the best choice. This is something I always end up thinking about as some friends would rather go the bar all the time, some would rather party it up at someone’s house, and some just don’t care. I probably follow in the latter but tend to lean towards drinking in lately.

Going out can be a blast. Not only do you get to hang out with the coolest people you know, but you get to meet some new ones as well. Also going out you can get to really awesome parties that perhaps might exceed the ones you can throw. Lingerie party at a local bar with local hotties that you just don’t hang out with? Count me in! Best of all, if you make a mess you don’t have to clean it up.

But, going out is going to be a lot more expensive. That is unless you have someone buying you drinks but ultimately going out is more expensive. Let us make an example. You decide to go to a club. There is going to be a cover charge. We will just say $10 for this. That’s a bottle of some cheap hard liquor that could easily get you and someone else to the point of having a great time. Now, you are going to be paying $4-5 for a beer and a little more for a mixed drink. We will say everyone is drinking to get shitty. We will say 8 drinks. That there is $30+. That is close to two 30 packs from the store. For one person! Also, going out can tend to get loud and ultimately less social.

Now staying in is clearly a hell of a lot cheaper. You won’t have to worry about a DUI since everyone will probably be crashing there. You can get as loud as your neighbors will let you and turn it down when you actually want to have conversations. You can concoct any number of games. Getting naked isn’t going to mean running into the law.

But alas, any messes are your responsibility. You run the risk of things getting broken. You won’t be meeting too many new people. You run the risk of dealing with noise complaints.

Each has their benefits and each their negatives. I am still at the point of not really caring which takes place. I like cheap but I like the new setting with new people if I don’t even utilize it to the full. I have never had a problem with things getting broken as I must have pretty decent and respectable friends. Same with cleaning most of the time which really doesn’t bother me all that much. Although, I love me some drinking games which are more likely to occur at the house party.

So ya, didn’t really get any further for myself on which I prefer. Hopefully you, the badass partier who happens to read this dribble, has a better perspective and decision. As always, party hard!

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