Frowning on Public Nudity – I Just Don’t Get It

Did you know that public nudity can result in you getting on the sex offender list?

Ya, just think about it. All those times that you have gotten drunk and ended up naked in public. Any one of the times could have meant you are now a sex offender if you were caught and had the wrong people going against you on it.

Straight up nudity if you think about it is a person in their purest form. No clothing to accentuate any particular area. And if it is just straight up nudity, there isn’t anything sexual about it. Just think about it.

I can think of a number of times where me getting naked had nothing to do with sex. Sometimes, it is just for a thrill. Sometimes, it just to not wear any clothes. Other times could be for a dare. None of which on the basic level have anything that is thought of as wrong.

And yet, you can wind up on the sex offender list.

Isn’t that bull?! Everyone gets naked at some point in their life. They know what both the male and female form look like and if they don’t they will eventually. So why is being naked in public so frowned upon?

To Protect The Children?

To Prevent Rape?

Because It’s Wrong?

I don’t know. People get naked in other countries in public and these three don’t seem to be an issue. There are nudist colonies and these don’t seem to be an issue. Why? There is nothing wrong with the human form. In fact, I guarantee if we were all exposed to it on consistent basis it would not even be thought about twice.

Now, I am not saying we should all be naked all the time. This is Wisconsin and it would be a shame if body parts fell off. Plus, I will agree there is a time and place for public nudity. Like for instance, don’t do it in front of an elementary school. But should someone get so severely slapped on the wrist to wind up on a sex offender list for being naked in public? I don’t think so.

What are your thoughts fellow partiers?

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