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Halloween 2013: To Costume or To Not Costume

It’s the end of September. That ultimately means one thing for us Party people. HALLOWEEN! Halloween can have some of the most fun parties out there. They can have various themes. Halloween parties tend to include some of the better special effects that you can witness at a party. And ultimately Halloween allows you to be disguise your self as someone or something else. This can be the best part of Halloween parties.

But not everybody decides to wear a costume. Sure, some parties may not be costume parties so maybe you shouldn’t wear one. But, what if you are invited to a costume party? Do you wear a costume or don’t you?

I am not going to lie, I have went to costume parties in the past that I decided to not wear a costume. Was I the only one? No. In fact, some of the parties had more people not wearing costumes than those that were.

However, whenever I decided to not wear a costume I always felt like I was missing some of the fun. Wearing a costume allows you to be someone else. You might even do more things then you normally would. And by do more things I mean maybe be more social, more ready to dance, more exploratory, etc. Nothing that pushes the envelope that borders you getting jail time.

Ultimately, I think it becomes more fun when you wear a costume. Especially if it is a fun costume. Sure, you are going to have to set more time to prepare for the party. Through out night, your costume may become less of a costume. I truly think you are missing out on some fun if you don’t wear a costume though.

So, this year I urge you to get a costume for the halloween party you decide to go to. No, costumes aren’t just for kids. In fact, some of the adult costumes are a lot more fun than something you could have gotten when you were a kid. And by you wearing a costume, I think you are adding to the fun of the party as hole.

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