Hangover For Thought

Hangovers are the curse of the party animal. There are a lot of “cures” out there. Some may work, some may not. For instance, drinking lots of water is one of them. This has never worked for me. It has always seemed to have a worse effect.

However, what about preventing a hangover from happening? Well, I may have come with a solution. It works for me but people are different so it may not work for you. And guess what?! IT is free.

So, here is what you do. Figure out what time you normally hit they hay or pass out. Now when you go out drinking, quit a couple hours before that point. Walk around. Be active. For instance, New Years was a mess but trying out this method I decided to clean up a little before bed. I didn’t clean everything up. I was far to intoxicated for that. However, the next day the little cleaning I did do made a huge difference in the amount I would have to do.

Anyways, I did some cleaning and drank a glass of water. One glass is all and I did not chug it. I then went to bed. 6 hours later with maybe about that in actual sleep I was up to start the day. No HANGOVER!

I did the same thing at a previous drinking extravaganza minus the doing some work and had pretty much the same results.

There you go, a possible solution to preventing your hangover. This is probably not for everyone and like I said, everyone is different so it may not work for you. It does work for me.

And if you want something easier, check out the banner floating around about Hangovers. I have not personally tried this hangover cure product but I have done the research and all the ingredients that are known to replenish the chemicals taken away while drinking which result in the hangover are in this. I guarantee nothing but if I ever decide not to quit drinking a couple of hours prior to sleeping I will be trying this product out.

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