McDonalds: Money Grubbing B****es

Oh the joys of being drunk! Let’s face it, we like it. For some it may make us more outgoing. Others get more touchy. Some get super emotional. But, we all have a blast. We also all get hungry. So, when we can’t get food elsewhere we find a McDonalds that is open 24 hours.


I have been hearing reports that McDonalds employees are instructed to call the police on anyone who is suspect of drinking and driving. Why? They get a reward.

First and foremost, Party Blip and anyone speaking on the behalf of Party Blip does not condone drinking and driving. It is irresponsible and can be deadly.

However, this shouldn’t mean that McDonalds should be calling the police because they think you are over the limit. Especially, when you are spending more money then you should on their food. After all, after a few drinks you need more food than usual.

So, we are creating this public service announcement to keep you safe from the vultures. We are also trying to prevent the annoyance of anyone who is sober and somehow gets pulled over out of nowhere from drinking and driving when they are sober as a bird.

*These reports of these call ins all have been in the Washington County area of Wisconsin. We do not have any proof except word of mouth. Not all McDonalds may be doing this.

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