The Battle of the Bathrooms

The Battle of the Bathrooms? What the hell am I going on about?

Well, its the case of have access to a plethora of bathrooms versus having access to A bathroom. The choice should be obvious. Stay with the many bathrooms.

Why? Well let us see. First, it is turning into a pretty good night of partying. Your with your friends. Catching up. Having a blast. Probably having a few to many. Everything is going great. Where your at has bathrooms upon bathrooms. Granted, they are porta pottys but they are bathrooms that pretty much guarantees access to one should you ever need it. Better yet, your outdoors so if need be you can probably find a secluded spot. Remember, showing your parts in public may be fun but popo doesn’t take to kindly to it.

Now, you decide to go off to the bar. They have one bathroom with one urinal and one toilet. The women’s room either has two toilets or in the more likely scenario just one. You continue to consume heavily and have a blast. You feel the urge coming to take a piss or better yet throw up. Chances are you are going to hold it off until the last possible minute. You run to the bathroom. Boom! The bathroom is fully occupied. You sit and wait praying someone is almost done because you just can’t hold it in much longer. You can’t run outside as it is too late for that now. What do you do?


There problem solved. Stay where the bathrooms are. Stay where you have easy access to outside. Do not be fooled into having to wait for the bathroom to open up. Your very life could depend on it. Well, maybe not but you will thank yourself later.


Don’t restrict your access to it.

There it is the battle of the bathrooms. Stay with the plenty or risk the few. I hope I persuaded you to stay with the plenty!

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