The Billboard Dilemma

You know billboards right? Those huge things that are often placed near a highway so the passerby can look, read, think, and maybe even persuade to buy. They are advertisements!

Anyways, they can be awesome. Hilarious even. Just check out the image I have included with this post. Awesome? Yes. Hilarious? Yes.

However, those of us who live in Wisconsin seem to be living in a world where drinking is terrible. Billboards are going up that say drinking is bad. I am not talking about drinking and driving billboards. They can be annoying but they aren’t the problem. The problem comes when people try to tell me drinking is bad. “You can have fun without alcohol.”

Bull SHIT! Drinking is not bad. There are numerous health benefits that are acquainted with drinking alcoholic beverages. Sure, excessive drinking isn’t acquainted with this. But, excessive drinking is fun when done responsibly.

Besides, your stupid no alcohol agenda has failed miserably in the past. Pushing the no drinking thing results in more excessive drinking and more crime. There is a reason the Prohibition failed.

I say let people drink. Most are responsible when it comes to drinking. And guess what, people can have fun without alcohol but it is fun to have fun with alcohol as well. Not everyone drinks anyways.

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