So, the long awaited update has arrived for the events. There were a lot of features that needed to be added and they have.

First, you can now filter by city, venue, etc. Main thing being city as we quickly expanded to a fair amount of cities. This will also help when Party Blip expands to out of WI.

There are a couple other things that were added for our benefit. They are not all that relevant to you so that mumble jumble will be skipped.

The look of the events have changed slightly as well. This was decided to show that there was in fact a huge update. We can go back to the old look if it is strongly desired.

There are some kinks that have been found that happened during the upgrade process. There are two notable ones right now. First, any event that is listed free as of right now does not mean it is free. The price was unknown so that was left blank. With the new update, empty means free.

Also, events have a location but they are not assigned to a venue. This is a huge pain in the ass on our end as we will have to manually go through all the events and correct this.

Otherwise, everything else seems to be working like it is supposed to.

Finally, we are going to add some Facebook commenting. A lot of the sites are doing it now and frankly why not as Facebook has an excellent commenting system.

Apart from that, there will some other slight changes to work with the new system and to get it looking like it should. Hopefully the new overall look is kosher with everyone.

Apart from that, enjoy the site and keep up the partyin’!

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