What Can $25 Get You?

So, the whole giveaway thing is going much slower than I would like. I can’t really complain as the site is doing good for being so young. But, I thought what better way to get people to like our page than buy going into crazy detail about what you can get with $25. This was of course sparked by my mini update on the Party Blip page.

So, what can you get for $25?

At The Bar

These are generalized as every bar has different pricing for their various drinks.

  • 8 beers
  • 6 mixers
  • 2 pizzas
  • 12 snacks

At The Liquour Store

  • 3 bottles of wine
  • 2 cases of beer
  • 1 bottle high end liquor
  • 2 bottles low end liquor
  • A lot of mixer ingredients…
  • 3 packs of specialty beer

Everything Else

  • Half a tank of gas on most vehicles
  • Internet bill
  • Netflix
  • 24 packages of Ramen Noodles
  • A nice fatty breakfast for 2 to cure that hangover
So, why are you not trying to get that $25. It is stupid simple to enter. Just like our Facebook page. There is a button at the bottom of the website that will take you directly there.
And, since the goal is only 25 likes, that gives you a fairly good chance at $25. Better than any lottery out there and cheaper too!

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