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How do I cancel a party created by me?

For canceling a party you already created you have to contact us by mailing your:

Email: ---------

Name: ---------

Party Name: ---------

Party Address: ---------

And we will be in contact with you as soon as possible.

What do I do if I paid a ticket to a fake party ?

After you buy one your ticket and the party results being fake you will get a refund between 2-4 Business days.

And the account IP of the account holder of the fake party will get legal consequences and be removed from the Partyblip app community. 

When will I get my profit for my party?

The time may vary, you should be receiving it 1-2 Business day 

Note: Partyblip app charge the 30% of the profit of each party for the service.

Why my virtual ticket doesn't work?

If your virtual ticket doesn't work after the host uses his QR scanner, this means someone took a photo of your ticket or you already used it.


Our virtual tickets can be used only ONE time per person.

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